Taking Off with the Swiss Bureau Blog

Taking Off with the Swiss Bureau Blog

Written by Joakim de Rham

July 30, 2018


It's my absolute pleasure to welcome you to Swiss Bureau's brand spanking new blog!

It's a very exciting day and one that has been planned for some time now. Our plan is to showcase all the things that make us happy, giving you an insight to Swiss Bureau and our team! Whether it be what’s trending in the interior design industry, things that inspire us, the lessons we have learnt or the projects that we create, we hope our blog will provide content that you'll all enjoy reading!

Before we kick off with all of those juicy design bits, let me tell you a bit more about us and what makes us proud to be the SBID family!

Who are we? 

We're a team of 48 individuals. 48 strong, ambitious, dedicated, creative and fun individuals. We are made up of 11 nationalities, 14 Dads, 7 Mums, 25 millennials and 6 vegetarians. We speak 21 languages and in total have more than 500 years’ experience delivering projects worldwide!

We love challenging ourselves to build unique environments which are designed primarily with the people whom will inhabit the space in mind. Most of all, we’re a group of people dedicated to delivering great projects. If we’re lucky, we hope to have a little fun along the way too!

Latest Projects

Our most recent projects

Over the past 12 months, we have been awarded 26 diverse and exciting projects ranging from 1,000 - 120,000 sq. ft. and are fortunate enough to work with great clients. Together we transformed Swiss Bureau from a small, Dubai-based, design studio to one of Dubai's leading interior design consultancies and fit-out contractors, which operates not only locally, but worldwide.

Let's go international!

Thanks to our efforts we have become more visible internationally, winning projects throughout the Emirates, but also in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Africa and Europe, allowing our design expertise to be carried to wherever our clients require. We are very proud to now export our designs from Dubai, which today is recognised as a new centre of excellence for interior design. We hope and do our best to continue this amazing period in our company's performance and hope the industry thrives in what we think is the most exciting design community worldwide. 

Swiss Bureau Interior Design is a multi-award winning interior design company

Our last year's awards

This year is a very special milestone for us, as we’re celebrating our 15th year of operation. Since the very start of the company in 2003, we have successfully achieved dozens of diverse projects: including corporate offices, restaurants, public spaces and private residences, for prestigious blue-chip clients, local companies, consulates and governmental departments. We have also been awarded and nominated for numerous international industry awards and recognitions.

A super cool team

Building a company which employs a team of passionate, fun and dedicated professionals is what I am most proud of.

Building a company which employs a team of passionate, fun and dedicated professionals is what I am most proud of. The success of our projects is down to our amazing team of talented individuals and experts, whose expertise and opinions we want to share. From our highly creative design team through to our onsite project managers and engineers, each member of the team has their part to play

The Swiss Bureau Team

Stay tuned!

I invite you to stay tuned for our future updates! I hope you will find this blog informative and interesting, as we'll make sure to provide you the best of the interior design knowledge, its trends, challenges, as well as our solutions.

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Written by Joakim de Rham, CEO & Founder, Lead Architect

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